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The International Development Finance Club (IDFC) has appointed Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking (Natixis CIB) to develop a framework for Public Development Banks (PDBs) to align their activities with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The IDFC, created in 2011, is the leading group of 26 development banks from all over the world, a majority active in emerging markets. It is the largest provider of public development and climate finance globally, with US$4 trillion in combined assets.

Under this advisory mandate, Natixis CIB will create a set of principles for IDFC members to follow and provide guidance on the integration of the SDGs into their internal operations and management, and more broadly across their activities. The final study will be released at the beginning of 2022.

This survey will help Natixis, and consequently IDFC members, to better capture investors' expectations when it comes to the way PDBs can address SDGs within their financing strategy

Please note that results will remain anonymous and confidential. Only aggregated respondent data will be published. Respondents are nevertheless kindly requested to provide their contact details to facilitate the analysis of the results.

The survey is composed of 17 questions across 4 pillars:
(i) Public Development Banks bonds appetite;
(ii) Credit and Sustainability Rating;
(iii) Sustainable issuance formats’ preferences;
(iv) Sustainable Development Goals.

Please note that you are not obliged to answer all questions if you feel you do not have specific views or the required information.

 The survey takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

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